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Hotel Accessories
310 Surface-Mounted 2-Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
314Surface-Mounted Twin 9?Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
341-ARSurface-Mounted Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
320Recessed 2-Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
351Dual-Access Partition-Mounted Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
360Surface-Mounted Toilet Tissue Cabinet
370, 371Aluminum Toilet Paper Dispenser
370-HoodSurface-Mounted Vandal Resistant Hood, Single Roll
371-HoodSurface-Mounted Vandal Resistant Hood, Double Roll
372, 373Chrome-Plated Steel Toilet Paper Dispensers
801, 802Toilet Paper Holders
803Toothbrush and Tumbler Holder
804Soap Dish
805, 806Robe Hooks
807Utility Hook
808Towel Pin
809Coat and Hat Hook
810Square Towel Bar
811Round Towel Bar
812Soap Dish and Utility Bar
813Utility Shelf
814, 815Towel Shelf and Towel Shelf with Drying Bar
816Towel Ring
817Recessed Toilet Paper Holder with Dry Wall Mounting Clamp
818Recessed Toilet Paper Holder with Lugs for Wet Wall
819Recessed DoubleToilet Paper Holder with Dry Wall Mounting Clamps
820Recessed Double Toilet Paper Holder with Lugs for Wet Wall
821Recessed Soap Dish with Dry Wall Mounting Clamp
822Recessed Soap Dish with Lugs for Wet Wall
823Recessed Soap Dish and Bar with Dry Wall Mounting Clamp
824Recessed Soap Dish and Bar with Lugs for Wet Wall
842, 843, 844Hotel Towel Holders: 2 Guest, 3 Guest and 4 Guest
846Folding Utility Shelf for Toilet Compartment
859Clothes Hook
861Heavy-Duty Robe Hook, Concealed Mounting
862Heavy-Duty Robe Hook, Exposed Mounting
870-QSurface-Mounted Bottle Opener
871Retractable Clothesline
873Recessed Facial Tissue Dispenser
874Recessed Facial Tissue Dispenser
875-CHeavy-Duty Towel Bar
891Utility Shelf
892Mop and Broom Holder
893Utility Hook Strip
894Shelf with Hook and Mop Holder Strip
895Hat and Coat Hook
900 Series ZamacZamac Accessories: Toilet Paper Holder, Toothbrush and Tumbler Holder, Soap Dish, Double Robe Hook, Single Robe Hook, Towel Bar, Towel Ring
905Zamac Double Robe Hook
910Zamac Towel Bar
5164Diaper Changing Table
5285Surface-Mounted Paper Cup Dispenser
S5-18-AAShelf and Double Toilet Paper Holder