WORLDWIDE SUPPLIER & MANUFACTURER OF Grab Bars, Washroom Accessories and Railing Systems

106BB Tubing
401, 402Bar Bracket and Combination Bar Bracket
403, 404, 404ABar Brackets: Floor, Movable Leg and Legless
405Arm Rail Bracket
406Rail End
409, 410Flush Elbows: 45º Angle and Rounded
411, 412Flush Elbows: Square and Side Outlet
413Flush Tee, Side Outlet
414Ball Elbow
415P, 415S, 416Parallel Balls: Side Outlet Tee and Ball Cross
415Ball Tee
415FFlush Tee
416FFlush Cross
417Ball Elbow, Side Outlet
418, 419Side Outlet Tee and Ball Cross, Side Outlet
420, 42145º Ball Elbow and 45º Ball Elbow, Side Outlet
422, 422A/K/REnd Caps: Flat, Decorative and Dome
422LBall Top
423, 424End Post and Center Post
425, 425G, 426Brackets: Cast Wall, Saddle and Cast Wall Flat
427Angle Adapter/Collar
428, 428A, 429, 430, 431Flanges: Wall/Floor, Adjustable Angle, Standard Wall, Heavy-Duty and Side Mount Bracket
432, 434Adjustable Saddle and Tubing Adapter
435Curtain Ring
436Straight Floor Bracket
437, 440Ball Top and Center Ball
443Square Wall Bracket
445, 446Glass Channel and Glass Clip
447Stemware Rack
4483/16" Threaded Diameter Ball
451, 452, 453, 456, 457Decorative Animal Bar Brackets: Monkey, Lion, Elephant, Mermaid and Horsehead
458, 459Service Bar Rail and Waitress Station
460, 460A/B/CPortable Crowd Control System: Control Post, Hook Rope End, Snap Rope End and Velour Rope
490, 491, 493, 494 Bends: Internal Dowel, 90º Sharp Miter Corner, 90º Mandrel Radius Bend and Custom Radius Bend